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Our services focus in these three major focus areas:

Life Coach; modern methodology that consist to accompany, train and instruct people, couples, families and business groups and/or institutions; with the aim of achieving some goal or develop specific skills, resulting in a profound transformation, generating change in perspective and increased commitment and responsibility of the meaning of life, focusing in better results.

Social Psicology; one of the four main branches of psychology; whose main purpose is to study the psychological processes that determine the way in which society operates, and the mutual determination between the individual and the environment in which it lives.

Ludic Learning; It is a method that enriches the capacitation process; through a set of strategies designed to create a dynamic and harmonious space; habilitating the meaning of what is taught-learning.

Feminine Empowerment Training:

  • With a Woman's Soul

  • Not Committing Eve's Sins

  • Women's Empowerment with  Responsibilities

  • Woman, Wife, Mother and much more...

Personal Coaching, Leadership And Development of Motives to Motivate Change.

  • Individual Life Coach

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Juvenile Coaching Life Project

Leadership Group Training and Inspirational Conscience

  • Who Am I?

  • Fears And Beliefs Of This Age

  • An Encounter With Myself

Business Coaching And NETWORK MARKETING

  • 90 Days To Change Habits

  • Development, Creativity And Motivation

  • Changes Are Constant

  • Network Marketing - Direct Sales

Training And Groups Coaching:

  • Immigration Effects In The Family

  • Do I Get Married, Or Separated Or Divorce.

  • Growing As A Couple

  • Reenforcing The Family

  • You And I!  We Are One

  • The Observant

  • Leadership Can Be Learned

Spiritual Training and Coaching:

  • JESUS Walks With Me

  • God Speaks To Me Daily

  • Everything With God, Nothing Without Him

  • Forgiveness

  • When To Wait VS When To Act

"We appreciate her 6 years of service that she has been doing for our organization and The Building Bridges of Hope Program, standing out for its dynamic ability and innovative way to empower our families to open new hopes in their immigration processes to the USA".

Little Sister Assumption

New York - USA

"Her programs have allowed us to strengthen the image of our company and the relationships with our customers, we appreciate her support and look forward to seeing you in upcoming years"

Schering Plough

Barranquilla - Colombia

"Her programs that are exclusively designed for our organization have filled expectations to educate and empower our latino migrant woman, as well as all our staff program. She has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, dynamics and motivation."

Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership

East Harlem New York - USA

"We are extremely thankful with Mrs. Velasco and without hesitation prompts all educational intitutions and community organizations to consider taking advantage of the programs and presentation."

Hackensack High School

New Jersey - USA

"The process of Personal Life Coaching with Rosario opened new possibilities of success in my career as a beauty consultant, to face new challenges of my life with responsibility and awareness and use my own resources to get where I propose"

Nuris Gutiérrez -Consultora de Belleza MARY KAY  

New Jersey- USA

"I'm a woman which I considered common in this society, but at the beginning of 2015 I began the process of Life Coaching with Rosario and our three objectives were to lose the fear of speaking english, buy a house and be able to change jobs. what I can tell you today, at May 2016 that I am working on my ultimate goal, convinced that soon will be with three new purposes more. "

Francelline Mantilla

Tampa- Florida

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