Who are we?

I belong to the group of people that live daily our own live's project. I am convinced of the opportunity that I have been given for me to live, breathe, act and positively transform everything I do; for this transformation that has come and continue to reach many frontiers.


My heavenly creator, that created this wonderful human being; He took very seriously my creation, so I Rosario; the star of this life show, will constantly honor the opportunity that He gives me every day.


Thanks, Dad!

She earned her bachelor's degree in Social Psychology at the National Open and Distance University (UNAD); Evaluation and Authentication Credentials from: WORD EDUCATION SERVICES; (WES) for its acronym in USA; She is a Technologist in Journalism and Public Relations of the Technical Academy of Advanced Studies in Colombia. She specialized in Human Development; and She advanced in Leadership Studies, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ludic Learning. She studied and received her International Life Coach Certificate by the International Coach Federation ICF, in the school "Leadership That Works" in New York - USA.


Rosario has worked in leading large international organizations like the Better Living and the International Leadership Institute (INILID). She has also developed his career in journalism in his native Colombia in the regional channel Telecaribe; with programs such as: HOLA QUE TAL! SPECIAL OF THE MONTH and in a community band, EnComunidad. On Radio and Press; She also highlight several years of his professional life with social programs.


Currently this active Colombian chairs the Organization HUMAN LIFE SOLUTIONS in the state of New Jersey - USA; seeking to reach and penetrate the hearts of all who attend and hire her services. She pretends to offer new tools for the transformation of effective and new shaping attitudes for this generation and future ones. Our organizational principle is based on Development, Creativity, and Motivation; It elevates it as a unique and irrepetible alternative for customers since we are convinced that we are unique and special for this creation.

About Rosario Velasco